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BCBA Job Description


A Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (“BCBA”) is responsible for the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental modifications, using behavioral stimuli and consequences, to produce socially significant improvement in human behavior, including the use of direct observation, measurement and functional analysis of the relationship between environment and behavior, pursuant to a diagnosis and prescription/order from a person who is licensed or otherwise authorized to provide such diagnosis and prescription/ordering services, for the purpose of providing behavioral health treatment for persons with autism, autism spectrum disorders and related disorders.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Core duties and responsibilities of an BCBA include those set forth below. Other employment tasks may be assigned.

  • Conduct descriptive and systematic behavioral assessments, including functional analyses, and provide behavior-analytic interpretations of the results.

  • Design and supervise behavior-analytic interventions.

  • Effectively develop and implement appropriate assessment and intervention methods for use in unfamiliar situations and for a range of cases.

  • Teach others to carry out ethical and effective behavior-analytic interventions based on published research and designs, and deliver instruction in behavior analysis.

  • Seek the consultation of more experienced practitioners when necessary.

  • Notify the Blue Wings ABA office staff of any issues or concerns related to any case.

  • Complete and submit all session notes, progress notes, and treatment plans in a timely manner.

  • Make sure that all rendering ABA providers servicing your client collect thorough and accurate data in accordance with Blue Wings ABA  policies.

  • Adhere to and support Blue Wings ABA policies and procedures.

Supervisory Responsibilities

Each BCBA shall supervise the work of ABA Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) and others who participate in the rendering of behavior analytic services. This includes direct supervision, updating of treatment plans, and assessment of appropriate data being collected. Supervision shall be 1:1. In addition, face-to-face parent training and treatment planning may be required.


Employee must possess active, valid and unrestricted certificate(s)/ license(s) to perform applied behavior analytic services in the State where services are being provided. Employee may need to supply evidence of current malpractice and automobile insurance (if applicable) and continue to provide evidence of license and insurance renewals as required by law and/or Blue Wings ABA. Employee must be at least 18 years of age.

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